Interjero vizija

Our studio is a team of professionals distinguished not only by creativity but also by an understanding that each project is unique.

In our interior design philosophy, two essential principles prevail: the uniqueness of each space and its longevity. Understanding that each client is an individual with their own values, history, and dreams allows us to create interior designs that go beyond just visually appealing spaces.

Experience provides us not only with deep knowledge and a professional perspective but also with confidence that we can realize any interior vision at the highest level.

With each commission, we dive into the client’s world: their pace of life, aesthetic ideologies, financial expectations, and, of course, dreams for their future space. Our design is not simply a response to short-term fashion trends. On the contrary, we create interiors that consider what truly matters to our clients, aiming to create a space that becomes an integral part of their lives for many years.

Make no mistake: our design is modern, but its modernity transcends the desire to be relevant in the short term. Instead, it is attentive to each client’s life philosophy, which, in turn, ensures that each created space will be timeless and enduring in the perspective of time.

Years of experience in the market and recognition by such prominent interior magazines as Design allow us to collaborate with the most reliable specialists both in Lithuania and beyond. Our team is not only skilled in creating visionary interior design but also competent in turning it into a practical reality.

By recommending reliable and long-term partners to our clients, we not only guarantee the highest quality of work but also effectively save each client’s time and financial resources. Choosing our studio means that the interior metamorphosis will become an easy, smooth, and joyful journey towards the goal. Let’s embark on this journey together.

The founder – Simona Vildžiūnė

Simona Vildžiūnė is a talented and experienced interior designer who, with love and dedication to her profession, has been creating unique and memorable projects for over 11 years. Throughout her career, she has gained recognition for designing both individual home interiors and commercial spaces. Her work reflects a subtle aesthetic sense, distinctive style, and passionate attention to detail.

While most of Simona’s projects are in Lithuania, she has also implemented interior projects in other countries, successfully integrating different cultures and design traditions into her work. Her international experience allows her to take a broader view of design, applying the best practices and innovative solutions from around the world.

Simona Vildžiūnė not only listens to and understands her clients’ needs but also provides them with spaces to make internal decisions. Her work results not only reflect clients’ personal styles but also create coziness, functionality, and harmony that last for years.

The founder’s long-standing experience is a guarantee that every project she creates will be implemented with passion, professionalism, and a guarantee of the highest quality.