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We aim to create a functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing space for the customer, where they want to live and always return.

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The founder – Simona Vildžiūnė

Simona Vildžiūnė is a talented and experienced interior designer who, with love and dedication to her profession, has been creating unique and memorable projects for over 11 years. Throughout her career, she has gained recognition for designing both individual home interiors and commercial spaces. Her work reflects a subtle aesthetic sense, exceptional style, and passionate attention to detail.

While most of Simona’s projects are based in Lithuania, she has also successfully executed interior projects in other countries around the world, seamlessly integrating different cultures and design traditions into her work. Her international experience allows her to take a broader view of design, incorporating the best practices and innovative solutions from around the world.

Simona Vildžiūnė not only listens to and understands her clients’ needs but also empowers them to make internal decisions about their spaces. The results of her work not only reflect clients’ personal styles but also create comfort, functionality, and harmony that endure for years.

The founder’s extensive experience is a guarantee that every project she undertakes will be executed with passion, professionalism, and the highest quality assurance.

About studio


Our interior design studio is committed to transforming spaces into unique havens of life and work experience. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to participate in various projects, each of which has been unique and demanded a thoughtful approach. Get to know our latest completed projects that we can be proud of.